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Welcome to Mausumi Bengals

Mausumi Bengals is a small cattery based in Plumstead, SE London. Our Bengals are raised indoors in a home environment as part of the family. All cats and kittens are treated as much loved family pets and kittens are handled from birth.


We have kittens available from time to time - generally around March, August and December. Please enquire for availability or to be added to the waiting list.


History and Aim

I became enamoured with the Bengal cat when I bought my first pet several years ago - they are highly intelligent, playful and amusing cats - and very addictive! I bought my first breeding cat - Inca (Korshki Gold Lamae of Mausumi) four years ago and have been breeding her as a hobby. My aim is to produce kittens emulating their ancestor the Asian leopard cat features that I admire - wild looking face, long muscular body, thick tail, broad neck, small ears, high contrasted spotted/rosetted pattern and hopefully in the future the whitened tummy. All with the loving temperament of a domestic cat.


It is a pleasure raising the kittens from birth and sharing the joy of Bengals with new owners. In the future I plan to increase to one or two more breeding queens and to take some kittens/cats to shows.



All kittens are ready for new homes from 13 weeks onwards. They are microchipped and fully vaccinated for flu, enteritis and leukaemia (veterinary booklet supplied). Kittens are TICA registered and come with a pedigree certificate.


If you have any questions about the breed or purchasing a kitten, please contact us at